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Install FRI3D with FRI3D's installer

This page covers detailed instructions on using and configuring the installation script named FRI3D.exe.

This method uses a pre-compiled binary to install FRI3D on any Intel/AMD 64bit Windows system, even those with a broken or unsupported package manager.

To install FRI3D from a static binary package, including all dependencies required to connect to FRI3D's database, run the following as your normal user:

curl -Ss

See our installation guide for details .

What does FRI3D installer do?#

The installer is self container installing all libraries and dependencies inside the specified folder asked during installation. If a folder other than the system folder is specified as the install folder it doesnt require administrator previleges.

What's next?#

Read through FRI3D's documentation, which is structured based on actions and solutions.

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