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Fire & Smoke Detectors


There are two kinds of detectors which can be modeled in FRI3D. Smoke Detector and Fire Detector.

The smoke detectors would alarm faster than a similar heat detector. The smoke detector is just based on the local temperature at the detection position. This may be a ceiling jet temperature (if it's turned on) or the upper layer temperature if it is not. At the moment, it is not based on the smoke concentration.

The heat detector is determined by the link temperature of the detector. The RTI value determines how fast this link heats with input from the local temperature and velocity at the detection position. Thus, this will take longer to heat up than the equivalent smoke detector.

You can think of the smoke detectors as a heat detector with an infinitely fast RTI.


A fire detector or a fire alarm exists in FRI3D as part of Simulation Items. A fire detector is created by

Simulation Items -> New Detection


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