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2022 FRI3D Workshop for PSAM 16

Thank you for attending the FRI3D PSAM 2022 workshop#

To Follow along please use the following instructions.#

  1. Please check the following prerequisites for system requirements

  2. Please fill in the following contact form to receive the download link

  3. You should have received a mail referencing to a link to download FRI3D

  4. Click on the link to download the self contained archive (zip).

  5. Unzip the archive (Windows 10 has a zip expander)

    • Navigate to FRI3D folder under extracted folders and find the file called FRI3D.exe
    • Run FRI3D.exe
    • This will automatically have you registered to an evaluation 90 day license.
    • The necessary files for following along with the workshop (floor plan, pdms, franx files)
      can be downloaded from the following link.
  6. Download the Class Material using the following link

Reach out

If you need help after reading this guide, email us [email protected] for an answer. .