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CFAST is a two-zone fire model used to calculate the evolving distribution of smoke, fire gases and temperature throughout compartments of a constructed facility during a fire. In CFAST, each compartment is divided into two gas layers.

The modeling equations used in CFAST take the mathematical form of an initial value problem for a system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). These equations are derived using the conservation of mass, the conservation of energy (equivalently the first law of thermodynamics), the ideal gas law and relations for density and internal energy. These equations predict as functions of time quantities such as pressure, layer height and temperatures given the accumulation of mass and enthalpy in the two layers.

CFAST Properties#

CFAST Visualizations#

Since CFAST is a zone model the visualizations are restrictted to visualizating at compartment boundaries, flame, upper and lower zone quantities, target temperatures and other quantities of interest enforced with the limiation of a zone model for fire.

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