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Get started with FRI3D

FRI3D is a fire modeling and visualization platform that uses industry standard codes like CFAST and FDS to perform advanced fire modeling and Fire probabilistic Risk Analysis

FRI3D runs permanently on all your physical/virtual servers, desktops, cloud deployments. It currently runs on Windows distributions with no administrator previleges required.

Minimum System Requirements#

  • Windows® 10 64-bit Professional operating system;
  • 64-bit Intel or AMD multi core processor;
  • 8GB Ram;
  • 3GB free disk space for installation;
  • Graphics Processing Unit (Intel/AMD/nVIDIA) (FRI3D will run without a compatible GPU, but for best performance we recommend using GPUs. )

Supported Operating Systems:#

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 64-bit editions and later.

Recommended System Specifications#

  • 1x NVIDIA GPUs with the following minimum specifications: -- CUDA compute capability 5.0 or higher; -- NVIDIA Pascal generation or later; -- NVIDIA Quadro driver version 471.11 or later. -- GPU memory recommendation (2GB or higher)

The amount of memory required on a graphics card to run FRI3D is scene specific.

Install on Windows using a rar/zip package (recommended)#

This is the recommended way to install FRI3D on a Windows system.

What's next?#

To start using FRI3D, navigate to the installation folder or Start menu and run FRI3D.

Reach out

If you need help after reading this doc, email us [email protected] for an answer. .